Saturday, December 3, 2011

ECOLOGY WITHOUT NATURE: Latour London Talk (mp3)

ECOLOGY WITHOUT NATURE: Latour London Talk (mp3)this ain't a pie of peaches in terms of listening quality. you could say i'm feeling depressed just listening to it. oh i do like he says there ain't no person to which the buck finally lays its last breath upon. and i'm not denying that he;s picked up Morton's question: well, what of the sublime now? So, rhetorically, Latour is in full form. Poet, reading an English Poem a la Mode of melancholia.
Voice of a Nature that is not there
the common sense and the weight

what if it all goes away
or just that? that question of if and
if we go away.

i'm reading Morton "Art and Compression" why logic pales when poets succeed. metaphor as compression. and Latour gets at that too. blogging while listening? well, it has some causality to something...a talk which is a success because it has wrought words out of me when otherwise there would not be one.
anyone got a transcipt?

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